Anthropology is a scientific discipline concerned with all aspects of humankind: human biology and genetics; ancestral fossils and evolutionary processes; primates; cultures of the world; language and customs; cross-cultural marriage and family processes; prehistory and archaeology; art, healing, religion, and technology. Because it is such a diverse discipline, one may find anthropologists uncovering our early ancestors in Africa, excavating a pyramid in Central America, studying peoples in New Guinea or in San Francisco, collecting information on orangutans in Southeast Asia, and advising business and government on customs in India.

Career Options

Archaeologist, Consultant, Criminologist, Cultural Anthropologist, Ethnologist, Forensic Scientist, Genetic Counselor, Governmental Consultant, Industrial Consultant, International Business, Journalist, Linguist, Marketing Specialist, Museum Curator, Park Naturalist/Ranger, Peace Corps/Vista Worker, Physical Anthropologist, Prehistorian, Primatologist, Public Health Worker, Researcher, Scientific Illustrator, Social Worker, Teacher, Technical Writer, Tour Organizer, United Nations Advisor, Zoo Curator, Zoologist