Course offerings in the English Department are designed to guide students toward a number of closely-related goals:

  • to develop critical thinking abilities,
  • to be aware and appreciative of their own and other cultures,
  • and to pay disciplined, informed, and critical attention to language in print and visual media as well as in their own writing.

We are committed to helping students learn to understand, interpret, and analyze a variety of texts from different ages, social contexts, and genres. We ask our students to examine, question, and consider multiple perspectives that confirm and challenge their own views, a process by which students learn to express their own opinions and incorporate reliable information and opinions of others.

Our current course offerings immerse students in approaches to writing and reading that are firmly grounded in contemporary theory. We hope that students join us as careful discerning readers, incisive writers, critical scholars, scholarly critics, and innovative thinkers who draw connections between the intellectual activities of the classroom and the world.

Career Options

Advertising Copy Writer, Bookstore Manager/Staff, Continuity Writer, Editor, Foreign Service Officer, Freelance Writer, Fundraiser, Grant Writer, Interviewer, Journalist, Lawyer, Legislative Assistant, Librarian, Management Trainee, Media Specialist, News Analyst, Newspaper Reporter, Personnel Specialist, Public Information Officer, Publicity Director, Publishing Agent, Radio/TV Announcer, Reader, Research Assistant, Sales Representative, Scriptwriter, Speech Pathologist, Teacher, Technical Writer, Training Specialist

A.A.-T. In English

Associate in Arts in English for Transfer Degree (AA-T)

This degree is primarily intended for the student who wants to earn a degree on the way to transferring to a California State University. It provides students with a solid basis for the continuing study of English, American, and world literature and develops skills in critical thinking and writing. An English major is the foundation for careers requiring verbal proficiency, analytic skills, literary competence, insight, and the exercise of judgment.