The courses in mathematics provide training in both pure and applied mathematics leading to careers in business, research, and government. Many majors (such as physical and biological sciences, engineering, and business) are dependent upon the use of applied mathematics.

Career Options

Accountant, Actuary, Appraiser/Assessor, Bookkeeper, Budget Analyst, Buyer, Carpenter, Claims Adjuster, Computer Applications Engineer, Cost Estimator, Credit Analyst, Demographer, Electronics Technician, Engineering Technician, Financial Analyst, Insurance Underwriter, Loan Officer, Manager, Information Science, Market Research Analyst, Mathematical Technician, Mathematician, Operations Research Analyst, Programmer, Purchasing Agent, Research Assistant, Revenue Agent, Statistician, Stockbroker, Systems Analyst, Teacher, Teller, Wage and Salary Administrator, Weight Analyst


Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should complete the lower division major requirements and general education pattern for the appropriate transfer institution and major. Exact major requirements for UC and CSU institutions can be found on Please see a counselor for more information as curriculum requirements may vary among transfer universities 

A.A. in Mathematics

The Mathematics Program at the College of Marin is designed to provide students with an excellent base for a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Please note: Students are required to complete English 150 for the Associate degree. All students should consult a counselor.