At the College of Marin we are here to help you feel comfortable in reading, writing and speaking in Italian. We offer all different levels, from beginner with Italian 101 to advanced with Italian 226. You can take an Italian class if you are intending to transfer to a four year College or University, or if you are pursuing your Associate Degree, or just for your personal enrichment.

"A man who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see"
—Samuel Johnson, British writer, and poet

A.A. In Italian

Italian language courses serve a dual purpose, which is to acquire structural and verbal skills, which satisfy both academic and cultural
needs. The program serves both transfer students and those seeking self-enrichment. Students may take classes at either campus to fulfill
requirements for the major. Students who complete the requirements listed below, plus additional general education and graduation
requirements, will be awarded the associate degree. All students should consult a counselor.

Requirements Units

Select a minimum of 18 units from the following:

  • ITAL 101 Elementary Italian I 4
  • ITAL 102 Elementary Italian II 4
  • ITAL 203 Intermediate Italian III 4
  • ITAL 108A Italian Culture Through Cinema 3
  • ITAL 110 Conversational Italian I 4
  • ITAL 112 Conversational Italian II 4
  • ITAL 114 Conversational Italian III 4
  • ITAL 204 Intermediate Italian IV 4
  • ITAL 225 Advanced Italian I 3
  • ITAL 226 Advanced Italian II 3
  • ITAL 228 Italian Conversation and Culture Through Film 1

Total major units minimum of 18

Skills Certificate in Italian

Skills Certificates are an acknowledgment that the student has attained a specified set of competencies within a program. Skills Certificates require less than 18 units and are shorter in duration than the Certificate of Achievement. The Italian Skills Certificate provides a way for students to verify that they have reached a level of proficiency in the Italian language.

Requirements Units
  • ITAL 101 Elementary Italian I 4
  • ITAL 102 Elementary Italian II 4
  • ITAL 203 Intermediate Italian III 4

Total certificate units 12

Career Options

Diplomatic Service, Editor, Foreign Correspondent, Foreign Service Officer, Hotel Management, Import/Export, International Business, Teacher, Tour Guide, Translator/Interpreter, Travel Agent

Italian Speaking Countries

Europe: Italy, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City

Policy Statement Regarding Sequence of Enrollment in Italian Language Classes: Although students are advised to enroll in language courses sequentially, they will not be precluded from enrolling in lower level language classes after completion of more advanced courses. Students should be aware, however, that units resulting from the lower level courses may not be accepted at transfer institutions as a part of the required transferring units.