The goal of Japanese teachers at College of Marin is for students to be able to use this language for the future such as for their major (Japanese, economics, business, Asian study, computer, sciences, etc. ), jobs, traveling, or for understanding Japanese movies, magazines, manga, essays and literature.  In our classes, students will learn how to speak, read, write, and understand Japanese. Also, students will learn Japanese culture, society, ways of thinking, brief history and geography in these classes. 

Career Options

Diplomatic Service, Editor, Foreign Correspondent, Foreign Service, Officer, Hotel Management, Import/Export, International Business, Teacher, Tour Guide, Translator/Interpreter, Travel Agent.

Policy Statement Regarding Sequence of Enrollment in Japanese Language Classes: Although students are advised to enroll in language courses sequentially, they will not be precluded from enrolling in lower level language classes after completion of more advanced courses. Students should be aware, however, that units resulting from the lower level courses may not be accepted at transfer institutions as a part of the required transferring units.