Whether you travel, work in the service sector or international business or have friends or family in the Spanish- speaking community of the Bay Area, Spanish will open doors. When you learn Spanish you will learn about new cultures, civilizations and diverse ways of perceiving the world.

As the saying goes: “Quien sabe dos lenguas vale por dos."
(A person who knows two languages is worth double.)

Spanish Certificate

  • SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I – 4 units
  • SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II – 4 units
  • SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish III – 4 units

A.A. in Spanish

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 18 units from the courses listed below:

Core Courses
  • SPAN 101  Elementary Spanish I – 4 units
  • SPAN 102  Elementary Spanish II – 4 units
  • SPAN 203  Intermediate Spanish III – 4 units
  • SPAN 203 HB  Intermediate Spanish for Herritage and Bilingual Speakers – 4 units 
  • SPAN 204  Intermediate Spanish – 3 units
  • SPAN 225  Advanced Spanish I – 3 units
  • SPAN 226  Advanced Spanish II – 3 units
Conversational Courses
  • SPAN 110  Conversational Spanish I – 4 units
  • SPAN 112  Conversational Spanish II – 4 units
  • SPAN 114  Conversational Spanish III – 4 units
Professional Courses
  • SPAN 120  Spanish for Health Care Professional I – 3 units
  • SPAN 121  Spanish for Health Care Professional II – 3 units
Cultural Courses
  • SPAN 128 A  Spanish Conversation and Culture through Films – 3 units
  • SPAN 228 C  Advanced Spanish Conversation and Culture through Films – 3 units
  • SPAN 230 A  Culture and Civilization of Spain and South America – 3 units
  • SPAN 230 B  Culture and Civilization of Mexico and Central America – 3 units
  • SPAN 230 C  Culture and Civilization of Spain – 3 units
Independent Study
  • SPAN 249 A  Independent Study – 1 unit
  • SPAN 249 B  Independent Study – 2 units
  • SPAN 249 C  Independent Study – 3 units

Career Options

Diplomatic Service, Editor, Foreign Correspondent, Foreign Service Officer, Hotel Management, Import/Export, International Business, Teacher, Tour Guide, Translator/Interpreter, Travel Agent journalism, medicine, law, business, teaching In California, knowledge of modern language is now required in many jobs that deal with the public such as Civil Service, social work, nursing, and other service-oriented fields.

Spanish Speaking Countries

Africa: Equatorial Guinea
Caribbean: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
Europe: Spain
North America: United States
South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Policy Statement Regarding Sequence of Enrollment in Spanish Language Classes: Although students are advised to enroll in language courses sequentially, they will not be precluded from enrolling in lower level language classes after completion of more advanced courses. Students should be aware, however, that units resulting from the lower level courses may not be accepted at transfer institutions as a part of the required transferring units.