Chemistry is by far the largest field of employment in the sciences. A wide range of opportunities awaits the chemist in business, industry, government, and in the field of education. Approximately three-fourths of all chemists are employed by private industry in such fields as petroleum, primary metals, electrical equipment, aerospace, paper, food, and rubber.

Career Options

Biochemist, Chemical Engineer, Dentist, Failure Analyst, Food and Drug Officer, Food Chemist, Forensic Chemist, Hydrologist, Industrial Chemist, Nutritionist, Oceanographer, Patent Agent, Pharmaceutical Salesperson, Physician, Pollution Control Expert, Process Control Worker, Product Developer, Quality Control Worker, Quantitative Analyst, Researcher and Developer, Teacher, Textile Chemist, Toxicologist


Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should complete the lower division major requirements and general education pattern for the appropriate transfer institution and major. Exact major requirements for UC and CSU institutions can be found on Please see a counselor for more information as curriculum requirements may vary among transfer universities.